Monday, October 13, 2008

My first offical 2ww!

It's Monday! And this week, that's ok because I had a great weekend with my husband and am so very thankful for that. We did lots and lots of eating - I'm talkin Mexican food, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, a yummy husband-grilled steak dinner, some IHOP... yeah, it was great! No, we don't normally partake in THAT much bad stuff, but it was oh so good. We watched a Baby Mamma (cute) and went to the Butterfly House in Faust Park (very nice, hadn't been there in awhile) and we got some great, colorful pics that day - the weather was almost too nice for fall weather.

To make it even better, I'm in the official two week wait - Day 7 to be exact! It's so hard not to get too, too excited. Even my own husband confessed to me that he's having a hard time with that as well. I've already started turning up the sensor on my five senses so as to detect the "baby" signs. Not many to report, but then again, I hear so many women say they go quite awhile before they notice something. In any case, it's been pretty darn fun thinking that some serious baby making action is hopefully happening in there :) I'm totally fascinated with the whole thing, to the point that I wish I had a little camera to watch it all unfold. How cool would that be! Then again, I suppose it could turn out not soo good if... well we won't even talk about that now will we!

For now, let's just concentrate on the fact that I ovulated and my temps look pretty darn good, possibly even triphastic as of yesterday, and that's all I can hope for. If it keeps up I just might test sooner than later just for fun :) Thank you cheap HPTs!

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