Friday, October 24, 2008

I started my second cycle of clomid this week!!

Well, I saw my OB on Wednesday. We did actually - that's right, me and my husband! I was so happy about that... it made me feel so much more collected mentally when I was there and it was just nice to have him move involved.

She agreed that I did ovulate last month and I had a perfect temperature rise, which is great news. The not so great part is that I ovulated late on clomid (50mg), which isn't ideal, however I have read mixed reviews on this...

This RE thinks that only short cycles are a cause for concern, and that long cycles usually indicate excess ovarian reserve, which is a good thing.

Whereas, this ART company's site states that "too late" could be anything after CD20 which simply means that there are fewer cycles in a given time period to try for a baby, and that you may be releasing eggs that haven't properly matured, or that the other parts of the reproductive system aren't in sync with the egg. You can conceive late, but your chances are just reduced.

With that in mind, she wasn't sure what to do next really. We asked her if I ovulated late because of PCOS and excess cysts, and she said it's really hard to say why. She said we DO know that the Clomid did "something" because I ovulated and my temps looked good. That's when she started debating on whether or not to do another round of clomid or do supression with birth control. She ended up doing another transvaginal ultrasound to see what my ovaries looked like, and I still had cysts - no more or less than last cycle really, which she said was fine - and the good thing is there were no big cysts. She ended up polling the other OBs in her office to see if I should stay at 50mg or up the dosage to 100mg (the vote was split), and she ended up deciding to up it and move my start date to CD3 - both in hopes that I will ovulate sooner. From what I've read it's hit and miss. I am concerned that the larger dosage might do two things - cause large cysts to develop (which I want to look into more, and to see if metformin actually descreases this chance) and that it might dry up my cervical mucus, which you need so that the sperm can travel through your vagina and into your cervix to wait until the egg pops.

Taking Robitussin to Increase Cervical Mucus
To address the last problem, I am going to give Robitussin a shot. I didn't have but one day with egg white cm last month on the lower dosage of clomid and don't want to chance it being worse.

I did a little research and states that you should take two teaspoons (200mg), three times per day. When taking it during a clomid cycle, you should begin the day after your last clomid pill is taken. The site also suggests to take each dosage with a full glass of water. An alternative to liquid that I might explore (if I can't stand to swallow that stuff) is Mucinex, as it comes in a pill form. IMPORTANT: No matter which one you choose to take, the key is that the one and only ingredient it can have in it is Guaifenesin. If it has anything else in addition to this, it could have an adverse affect on your cm. And, yes, you can get the generic form of these drugs - you just have make sure it only has the one key ingredient.

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