Sunday, October 5, 2008

My body is crazy!

So, a few days ago I thought I might have ovulated. Thanks to a few good ttc friends, I realized I hadn't. While this bummed me out for sure, I was attempting to take things in stride. Yesterday we were too pooped and full from dinner (yes that happens with us married couples!) to do any BDing. Figuring it probably didn't matter all that much, we weren't super concerned, though in the back of my mind I knew we probably should soon just to be safe. Which, brings me to today. Another day of taking things in strides. I had a very productive and therapeutic Saturday cleaning house - yes, I even did windows! And later in the evening, I did some late-night shopping by myself, which was again, very good. When I got home, the house was empty and I had this overwhelming feeling of "how I wish I was a mommy right now".

In the midst of it all, I decided to make some fudge espresso brownies (yum!), which I bought at the store in haste after thinking this month was a flop. It occurred to me just then that the pains in my lower abdomen I had been feeling in the afternoon were still there and more strong even. The weird thing is that they're not "cramps" and they don't feel like they're coming from my ovaries... rather it's a low, central dull pain - the same heavy feeling when I am about to get my period. Ok, so again - weird, however, my husband reminded me that the doc mentioned something one of my ovaries being more in the center? Anyway... earlier in the day I took a pregnancy test - knowing it would be false, but I just figured what the heck. So, tonight, when the pain was getting stronger, I realized I hadn't done an OPK in the last couple of days. So... off to the bathroom I go and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a POSITIVE - a bright red positive OPK!! Holy bleep :) At this point I have no idea what my body is doing, but I can tell you that we don't have to be told what we need to be doing tonight. TMI, I know, but hey. Who's modest these days!:P

Baby dust, baby dust, baby dust!

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