Friday, October 17, 2008

Tick tock... Tick tock

11DPO and what's new to report... well, last night was a not so great night. A combination of me being overly sensitive to a comment that, while joking, still felt very inappropriate and hurt me deeply and... well, let's just say it was made better by my temp going UP yet again this morning - 99.04 to be exact! I woke up around 5am, wide awake I might add which was frustrating since I can't temp and get up until just before 7am... anyway, when I first woke up at 5, I was totally sure that my body temp didn't "feel" as warm as it had the past few days. I was mad! and proceeded to snuggle closer and cover up more so that I could gain some warmth. Like that even works! :P Especially since my "snuggling closer" didn't involve anything out of the ordinary, compared to those previous days. I was being totally silly, but it made sense at the time.

Another day, another HPT and more weird symptoms
Yes, I tested again, and it was still BFN. Still too early I'm thinking. I've been scanning the message boards today and nothing seems unusual with my chart. I just need to be more patient. Lots of women don't get their BFP early - some don't even get it on time. What else? Oh, I broke out like crazy yesterday... 5 big ones. Geeish. I don't mind it at all if it's for a BFP, but otherwise AF better put up her dukes.

Distractions... I need a distraction!
I'm so glad it's Friday. The longer this day goes on the more antsy and moody I get. I really need to think and do other things than sit here and look at my chart and read online stuff once an hour. I don't do that at home really - there are too many other things to do. So, that is why it's PERFECT that the weekend is here. And I'm excited that it finally looks, feels and SMELLS!! like fall. We're totally doing fall things tomorrow - probably apple picking in the afternoon and then we might do one of those corn maze things at night! Should be exactly what the destress doctor ordered!

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