My Infertility Treatment History

March 2010: Our twins are born, just shy of 34 weeks!! God is so good!

Sept 2009: US #1(5w4d), 9/1 - We're having Twins!! US #2(6w6d), 9/10 - We heard their heartbeats. Measuring right on track!

Aug 2009: ER 8/7: 43 Retrieved, 31 Mature, 29 Fertilized!! ET 8/13: Two Grade 2 Blasts! Betas 8/18: 21 & 8/20: 69 ~ WE'RE PREGNANT!!!

July 2009: IVF begins! Start Lupron 7/15 and Follistim on 7/28.

June 2009: We're officially on the Aug list! End cycle w/ provera & begin BCP 6/17.

May 2009: Yet again, period starts naturally! This time only 43 day cycle!

April 2009: Follow-up with RE. We've decided to do IVF in August '09!

March 2009: Period arrives on it's own after 92 long days. I did ovulate, making this only our 2nd 2ww in a year TTC.

Jan 2009: Hubby goes in for his SA. Findings were: Count was somewhat low 11.7 total, morphology was 16% w/ some valcuoles and some head abnormalities. Motility was 77 and rapid cell count was 40 so that is good news.

Dec 2008: Bloodwork further confirms PCOS, but doesn't reveal anything new. Fluid US shows lots of scar tissue due to past surgery; one remaining ovary has adheared to my uterus. Suggests we do IVF, since only existing tube most likely very damaged as well. Tube doesn't appear inflamed so hydrosalpinx is ruled out.

Late Dec 2008: Our first RE appt. w/ Dr. Ahlering of SIRM in St. Louis. Thrilled to finally have a doctor that knows more than I do about infertility!

Nov-Dec 2008: 2nd clomid cycle, dosage increased to 100mg as my OB attempts to move up my O date, resulting in an anovulatory cycle.

Sept 2008: After 6 months and only 3 cyles, all of them anovulatory, I started my first cycle of Clomid - CD4-8, 50mg. Ovulated late on CD25. My first 2ww BFN. OBGYN moves to another state; I start with another doctor in the same practice.

July 2008: Pre-conception appt. with OBGYN. Going into appt, I self-confirmed I am having anovulatory cycles after temping. Officially diagnosed w/ PCOS by my Dr. CD 13 bloodwork revealed typical PCOS #s - FSH 4.8, LH 18.3, TSH 1.58. Put on 1000 mg metformin. Switched OBGYNs, attempting to find a more infertility savvy doctor.

April 2008: Stopped using birth control and immediately started actively trying to conceive.

2000: Started using low-dose hormone birth control.

1994-1999: Never truly "started" cycles on my own. Was given provera to start 3x per year.

1994: Right ovary & tube removed @ age 12 via exploratory surgery due to benign, grapefruit-sized cyst. At the time was told I "wouldn't have trouble conceiving".

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