Friday, October 31, 2008

Waiting to Ovulate!

So far so good I suppose. I'm currently on CD12 and my temps, while high, have been consistent and very "regular", compare to all my other cycles thus far. So, that is good. Now - bring on the O!!

Clomid Side Effects
This time around, doing 100mg of clomid, I had my first real side effects. They didn't show themselves until the end of day 3 while taking the pills and they were vision issues, fatigue and on the last day I was nauseous. The vision thing is the only one that was a little concerning because I wasn't "dizzy" really... I saw blurred streams of light when blinking or moving my eyes quickly and it was more prevalent at night. Thankfully all symptoms stopped when I stopped taking the pills.

Other than that, noting new to report really. I am anxious to see if I actually ovulate sooner this month. I really suspect that if I do, it won't be during the typical window of time. It would be great if it was sooner, but I'm not counting on it. We are, however, making sure we are covered so that if it does happen sooner or later, we are 100% ready this cycle. I was bummed that last cycle when I ovulated late we really didn't do as well as we had earlier in the month. Anyway, you live you learn!

I hate taking pills!

Oh, wait, there is more! I started taking Mucinex this month after I finished taking clomid. So far I'm not really sure how much it's helped... hasn't seemed to hurt really, so I will probably keep taking it. It is grose though - let me tell you. It's an immediate release medication so that means there is no exterior coating to keep the "flavor" inside. I can't swallow it fast enough!! I am so bad about taking pills that I pretty much gag every time I have to swallow one. Just the thought or smell of medication makes me get queezy. I did, however, start molding something soft, like a piece of bread or snack cake, around the pill to try and create my own magic coating... it has worked somewhat, but it just increases the size of the pill which is another thing that makes them hard to swallow. Ugh! I will be very glad when I'm not popping a gillion pills a day.

A Spooktacular Weekend!
And that, I do believe, is all I have for now :) I am very glad today is Friday and am looking forward to spending some quality time with my husband. The weather is supposed to be wonderful, so hopefully we'll spend some time outdoors, and we're going to our first Halloween party on Saturday, so that should be fun. We couldn't decide what we were going to be at first - but then it occurred to me that I still have my dress from "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" play I was in during the 8th grade. Low and behold it STILL FITS perfectly!! How pathetic is that! That means that I haven't grown since then. Yikes! Oh well, I guess it could be the other way around, right? Anyway, my date is going as my Knight in Shining Armor!! Now if only he'll rescue me from this infertility stuff, we'll be all set!

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elv_79_cuteblonde November 6, 2008 at 4:26 PM  

It looks like we are on the same cycle...same CD and same cycle # for clomid. Looks like Providence :)

Since we seem to be in the same place in our TTC journey, would you like to keep in touch and give each other prayers and encouragement?

you can email me at

God Bless you and your!

In God's grace & love,

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