Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter weekend!

I feel like I have so much to write about, and write I will... but probably not for a few days. This weekend looks like it will be pretty busy. Getting ready to leave work and spend the evening doing fun kid stuff with my two little cousins (now 5 & 12... I believe it's 12 - man they grow up too fast), who I've always felt like an aunt to because of the age gap, but who cares. They're cute and full of energy and give me a good excuse to act like I'm 6 again! We're going to see Monsters vs. Aliens 3D tonight and then we'll probably do mini golf or laser tag tomorrow late morning before we shuttle them back home to Illinois.

Then, tomorrow evening we're heading to church for Easter service. I'm really looking forward to it! Each year it's so neat to pause and reflect on the fact that God did all of this for us! The idea that He would ask his only Son to die so that we could be saved is amazing, especially considering how much each of us IF women try and try to have a child. This past Sunday, Palm Sunday actually, was the first time we had communion with the congregation of our new church and it was awesome! This church feels so "real" and non-churchy and that is JUST what we are looking for. In fact this past Sunday, Pastor Mike spoke about "Churchianity" and how we should be anything but that.

And, on Sunday, while we will have to skip out on the annual Easter egg hunt and lunch at my grandma & grandpa's (which stinks), we are going to have a great day out at our first Cardinals game of the year. Shhhh... hubby doesn't know it yet. It's a surprise for his upcoming 31st bday. Should be a great weekend!

I'll post more soon, I promise. I'll definitely have even MORE to say after our Monday RE appt! :)

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