Saturday, January 10, 2009

We've decided to move straight to IVF!!

Isn't that exciting!!

I have given a lot more thought to whether or not I should do laparoscopy. Initially, I was leaning more towards having it done, since it's covered by insurance, with the goal of going in and confirming scarring and fixing a hydrosalpinx (if it existed) to increase IVF results. However, after doing some more research, it appears that disconnecting a tube from an ovary (which is what they'd probably do if I did have a hydro) could harm the blood flow to the ovary (2nd reference site here) and ultimately cause it not to work as well. Seeing as how the that is my only ovary and only chance of having our own blood children, and that with the scarring that exists the doctor said it probably won't function normal anyway, I really don't feel like taking any more chances, especially since the sonohystogram didn't detect a hydrosalpinx. One site I found reported on a study done in 1999 stated "salpingectomy prior to IVF can be recommended to women with ultrasound visible hydrosalpinges, but a general recommendation to all women with hydrosalpinx is not justified".

Ultimately, if it really needed to be done I believe Dr. Ahlering would have suggested it, however, I am the one who continues to ask him questions about it, when all along (after he detected the presence of scar tissue via fluid ultrasound) he has recommended skipping the lap and moving straight to IVF. His position is if we really want to try for IUI, which he thinks we may have success with simply because we're young, the lap would be worth doing, but that he believes IVF is the real way to go in this scenario, given my pelvic issues from the past surgery.Right now our goal is to come up with a way to pay for IVF, as it is more than likely the only real way we'll be able to conceive.

We talked to the financial coordinator at SHER on Monday. We learned that this is going to be quite a bit more expensive than we had originally been told though. I don't think that Dr. Ahlering was trying to mislead us or anything, I just think he was referring to the relative base price for package services for IVF. In reality, once you add in the not-so-optional "options", each cycle could be an anywhere from $5,000 to probably around $10,000 on top of the already high package prices. If it sounds complicated already, your absolutely right. To respect the clinic, I won't post their prices here, but if you come across this and are looking for a general idea, you're welcome to contact me and I can provide you a bit more insight. Keep in mind, their consultation is totally and completely free, so really the best thing to do is contact SHER Institute of Reproductive Medicine directly to set up an appointment.

Now comes the hard part where we decide how we're going to pull off affording this. We have to take in to account that the possibility of having multiples is fairly high and would be silly if we didn't factor that in. If we had anything more than a singleton I would want to stay home full-time with them. Even if we have one I'd like to work only part-time. Right now we're looking at how much we'd save by refinancing our current home (which we've only been in a little over one year) given the low rates right now and if we could get rid of one of our vehicles and just buy a junker as our second car. Truthfully, I feel like that won't get our expenses down low enough to where we could live soly off one income, but it's worth checking into. The other option is to try and sell our home in the spring. While I love our home - love the location, neighborhood and charm - I am not opposed to moving again if it means having the family and life I want for my family. I refuse to let a material thing stand in the way of our happiness. Our house is too much house to clean anyway :)

And all of that pretty much just scratches the surface on the work that needs to be done. We still need to become more IVF savvy, talk with Captial One Financing, think of what needs to be updated around the house before we could put it on the market... if I only had more hours in the day. Well, like my mom reminded me last night on the phone - we don't have to have all the answers tomorrow. Very, very true.

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