Friday, January 30, 2009

New Octuplets a product of IUI or IVF!

If you haven't hear by now, it was announced just the other day that a woman in Califorina has recently given birth to octuplets... that's eight babies! Even more interesting is that they thought they were "only" pregnant with seven, and then during the delivery they discovered one more!! (how does that even happen!)

I know it should have occurred to the me the minute I heard the story that ART was somehow involved, but it didn't. It wasn't until I read the story on CNN this morning that I learned the mother underwent a embryo transfer (not sure if the entire procedure was IUI or IVF) and that they "all happened to take," according to the mother of the women who gave birth.

The real shocker is that, apparently, this family already had six children. So, let's see that's 6+8... 14 kids all together! Blessings come in many forms I guess. I just hope this family has a lot of help in the months and years to come. What a huge life change that would be.

I am very curious to find out what procedure she underwent - IUI or IVF. Kate Gosselin, from Jon & Kate Plus 8, had IUIs done both times. And, like Kate, this woman also didn't elect to do selective reduction. Given things like this are always a possiblity, albeit slim, it's still interesting to hear background stories of why a certain number of embroys were elected to be put back in and the feelings behind a couple's decision to carry all the babies to term or reduce. I will certainly be scoping out the rest of this story in the upcoming weeks!

In the meantime, I'll be saying one very large prayer for this sizeable family. Congrats!!

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