Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Diagnostic test follow-up with RE

You're never going to believe this - our follow-up appointment was TODAY, not tomorrow! Man, I really, really think I'm losing it.

I did a similar thing yesterday - went to the dentist and asked for the wrong doctor! One of my fake teeth, yes I unfortunately have three of them, fell out again - fun, fun. Another expense not covered by insurance. (Sorry, just had to whine about that!) Anyway, in my defense, it was the doctor I had seen up until the last appointment when I found out he wasn't in-network anymore, but still. Total brain fart!

I did end up calling him back, however, my husband wasn't able to be there. Basically he said all our tests came back looking good - though he didn't have any specific things to say about that. I think he was away from his desk on his cell and didn't have the numbers in front of him. I'm going to call tomorrow to get a copy of everything.

He pretty much said the same thing as before - we appear to have a substantial pelvic issue, based on the sonohystogram ultrasound, where scarring looks to be an issue. We can certainly try IUI, though he doesn't think we'd have much success. He recommends bypassing the IUI and going with IVF. I asked him about the tubal condition called hydrosalpinx (where it fills with fluid and can spill back into your uterus). He confirmed what I had read - that severe cases can be picked up via ultrasound and that he didn't pick up anything on my sonohystogram. He said it's not a super common occurance and he's not particularly concerned about it affecting IVF results if it's not severe. In his words "In 10 cases with tube damage, 2 will be blocked, and 1 of those 2 will be hydrosalpinx."

I asked him if it was worth considering doing the laparoscopy, since he's 99% sure it will be covered by our insurance, to try and correct any scarring so that we can pursue IUI. He said that we could try that, but again, he doesn't see much success in treating adhesion issues. They used to do this a lot years ago, but in retrospect it just didn't prove to be that successful unless it's super minor damage (which isn't very common) so they don't recommend it any longer. The scarring could be so far gone that the organ never works quite right again. Also, new scarring can occur from the surgery. He's not against going in and looking to confirm scarring and treat a hydrosalpinx, if it exists, if that's what we choose to do. All in all though, he just doesn't see much point in that when we'd probably not have a lot of success with in it and would end up doing IVF anyway.

He's going to have a financial coordinator call us so we can set some time up to learn more about our financing options. In the meantime, we need to chat amongst ourselves and think about if we want to have the laparascopy done, if we want a second opinion, or if we're going to go
straight to IVF without any additional information.

And, in the meantime, I'm going to try and find my brain. I must have left it somewhere in Chicago.

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