Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Embryos: Alive, Healthy & Set for Day 5 Transfer!

We got our 3-day fertilization report this morning. Honestly, we didn't learn too much new I suppose. They reiterated that we will be doing a 5-day transfer on Wednesday. When I asked for more details about how our "sports team" was doing, she actually said she didn't count them because there were so many! :P Part of me laughed a little, and the other part of me wished she had just because. I mean, yeah, so there are 29 and, yes, that's double what most couples have, but any soon-to-be mommy is curious as to how her children are doing, even if there are a gazillion of them. I followed up by saying, "I anticipated that some of them would begin to drop off by day 3... is that the case, or are there still about 29?" To which she said, "Yes, I think there are about 29 still." Honestly, I don't think she knew, but I didn't see any point in pushing it.

She did say that all of them were either a grade 1 or 2, so that's good. While I was beyond happy to hear that, I am realistically taking that with a grain of salt, only because if she didn't even count them, how would she really know if "all" of them were a 1 or 2. What I'm guessing happened was they put (hopefully at least) several under the microscope, saw that type of quality and that satisfied them for now. The fact that there are still tons alive and a handful that are of really good quality was probably enough tell us we will wait until day 5. I can handle that - that's fair. Of course, in the back of my mind, I sit here and wonder exactly how they really are doing. I know in my heart I'll never get to see all of their tiny faces, but still, a mother will always paint this perfect picture in her mind.

For those curious about the various grades and or stages of embryo development in IVF, I found these links to be helpful:

The First Days of Fertilization & Embryo Grades -
Blastocysts -
Embryo Development -

Tonight we did our second PIO shot. This time it was the left upper cheek/hip. I numbed that thing with cold packs (yes, it takes multiple, alternating packs to do the trick) for an hour before hand. At this point, we're not taking any chances. The good thing is that, again, I'm happy to report it didn't really hurt at all. Amazing! I know that one of these days that might be different, but we have Sharpie markered plus signs on each cheek which will stay there until we end our PIO injections. I told you we're not taking any chances, didn't I :) I will say, that today, the first cheek didn't hurt any longer (never did too awful much anyway), but today I did notice a funny little nerve sensation shoot down my butt when I touched another area of my body. I can only hope we're not doing permanent damage here people!

Again, all in the name of baby... or should I say "babies". I've been keeping up with the July St. Louis SIRM cycle and from what I can tell, in just the ladies who actually post to that site (maybe represents half, if that), FOUR women are pregnant with twins! One being my friend Jenny that I mentioned being pregnant a few posts ago. Still so very happy for her!

Ah, and on that, I will go to bed, having some sort of retrieval/transfer/pregnancy dream I'm sure. It's been consuming my nights lately! I think it has taken over Jay's too. Last night we both woke up around 1am.... I get up to go the bathroom and come back to bed to be informed that we will be referring to the two embryos that get transferred on Wednesday as "Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum". I really don't even remember his rationale to tell you the truth. I was too busy chuckling! My response "I don't know how I feel about referring to one of them as "dum", dear." lol. But, whatever. I'll let him name the embryos and then I'll get to have the final say on the real names :D And last, but not least, he, for the first time, throws out two girls names and wanted to know if I liked them or not. "Baby, it's 1am in the morning. You're going to have to write them down and we'll talk about them when the time comes." I can't say I was a huge fan of the names, personally, but I ADORED that his mind was running circles about that stuff at 1am. So cute! He's gonna be a great daddy!!

PS. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments and continued thoughts and prayers! I'll never tire of them!

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Clare August 11, 2009 at 4:14 AM  

Your IVF cycle is going so well! Fingers crossed for transfer! Looks like you'll have quite a few to freeze - but here's hoping you won't need them!!

Fran August 11, 2009 at 5:58 AM  

Your reports are getting better and better by the day! I have such a great feeling about this cycle for you, I've never heard of anybody doing so well!! It has to mean someting! Also, I hope ou don't mind me asking, but have you thought about what you'll do with all the other embryos if you get twins out of tis cycle? :o) Lots of love, Fran

Maureen August 11, 2009 at 4:55 PM  

Cathy...all the best luck to you tomorrow!!! I hope everything goes perfectly!! And enjoy taking it easy the next few days...make sure Jay pampers you like crazy! :o)

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