Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm triggered and ready for Friday!!!

It's is so totally official now! Yay!!

Today's US was phenomenal. Dr. Alhering was smiling from the minute we started. He immediately saw lots of follicles and started measuring the big ones.

and so on...

At this point, he actually says that he's not going to even bother calling them all out. He already sees exactly what he likes. There are many others that, he said, are also within range and will hold eggs as well, which is great, but there are plenty of big ones too which is what they like to confirm.

He reiterated that my estradiol numbers do in fact look great (exactly what you said Fran!) - they are high, but not too high, and they aren't continuing to go sky high, so that's what they like to see. How nice, because I had to go in to get blood work AGAIN this morning and it sucked. They stuck me in the same vein they did yesterday (said it actually looked better than the arm they did the day before) and gosh darn it if it didn't hurt. I was dreading slightly what they might do tomorrow. Ah, not to worry. It was minor to begin with and now it's not even a concern!

As he was wrapping up with the US, he said, we'll definitely be doing a Friday ER and we can definitely expect to get 15+ eggs at retrieval!!! It just doesn't get better than that!! I couldn't stop smiling the entire time he doing the US. And then, after leaving the office, total permagrin the rest of the afternoon. I screamed in the car. I, of course, called Jay and then my Mom. I am so very thankful and blessed by every milestone we overcome in this. God is so good!

Looking back, today was pretty surreal. Still is. It's so funny how you envision something working out in your head and then, when the time comes, it just feels a lot different than how you imagined. I know that's not a new concept, but it definitely describes my day and many of the steps in our IVF leading to this point.

Before I left the office, I was given a set of instructions for tonight. Trigger and start the ZPack basically. And, I was also given instructions for ER - what not to do, what to do. I wasn't told exactly when those two things would happen though. That, they said, they would call me about later in the afternoon.

Then, just as planned, we got the call:

Peggy said: "You have come about as close as you can to winning the lottery!"

Your trigger will be at exactly 6:45 pm tonight (Wednesday)
Egg Retrieval will be at 8:45 am on Friday

This evening, after work, what did I do? Ran home, decided to go out for a celebratory all-you-can-eat Chinese dinner with my husband, drove super fast back to my office to pick up our latest set of instructions, drove back, threw the car into park and at precisely 6:45pm on the dot received my final tummy shot of Ovidrel (HCG). For a split second, I was like "it did say 6:45, right?!?" I just hate how cruel the mind can be. What a awful, awful trick.

And There you have it. I'm all triggered up and waiting for the big day!! Please pray that these eggies stay where they belong, ripen fully and beautifully right at picking time and that our ER goes smoothly and recovery is a breeze.

Whew! Good thing there's not a limit on the amount of things you can pray about. :)

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Buzzys Mama August 5, 2009 at 9:19 PM  

YIPPEE!!!!!!!! YIPPEEE!!!!!! I can't stop smiling either now!!!!!! You're so going to have a May 2010 baby!!!!!! :-) Can't wait to hear how the ER goes!!!

The Swann's August 5, 2009 at 9:21 PM  

Sorry... That "Buzzys Mama" comment is actually mine! I was posting a photo for my friend who just had her baby and well, obviously I forgot to sign out as I was reading your blog!!! hahhaa! I was just too excited to think straight! :-)

Fran August 6, 2009 at 5:21 AM  

Oh my God!!! you're triggered!!! Friday is tomorrow!!! I have everythign crossed for you, and please please please take it easy after ER, you need to rest as much as posisble to be in perfect shape for transfer!! Did they tell you if you'll do a day 3 or day 5 transfer? I don't think you updated on your husband SA (or did I miss it?) again don't worry aout it as it'll be great I have no doubt. My God, you'll be PUPO in no time, it really happened so so fast!! lots of love, Fran (will be thinking of you no end tomorrow)

Maureen August 6, 2009 at 7:21 AM  

Hip, hip, hooray!! :o) Aweseome, awesome news!! I was getting choked up while I read it because I'm so excited that it's all working out so wonderfully!! Praying tomorrow goes as beautifully as yesterday!!

Clare August 6, 2009 at 3:06 PM  

Exciting! Congrats on the numbers - hope all is go well for Friday!!

sonja August 10, 2009 at 9:30 AM  

I recently found your blog and have been following it with a lot of interest and excitement for you. I feel like reading about your progress with IVF has been very helpful because I am your age and will be going through IVF in the next couple of months. Your post on egg retrieval was the first I have seen that described how you felt afterwards (the procedure seems a little scary to me). Congratulations on having so many eggs fertilize!! I am thinking of you and hope everything goes smoothly and you have a little one in your arms before you know it!

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