Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My first baby dream

Last night was bittersweet. My head was somewhere high above my bed, deep in a dream where I was a mommy - with a baby - with my husband. We were a complete family. I remember being happy. Very happy.

I think what brought on this dream was a comment my husband made right before we fell asleep. He mentioned he told some people at work about a show I watched a few weeks ago on TLC, called "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant". Yes, that was the name, and premise, of the show. Please tell me I wasn't the only one fascinated with how this could even happen. Crazy!

Anyway, that was also the premise for my dream. I vaguely remember that we were eagerly anticipating our IVF cycle, and then, BOOM! Much like that silly TV show, the next thing I knew, I was carrying a baby (a boy, from what I can remember) in my arms. And, while I realized it was weird, I was still thinking "I can't wait to see the look on my Mom's face when I tell her I just had a baby!" :P So funny! Before she came over, we were giving the baby a bath and got him all diapered up and then he pooed. Jay was like "What's this all about! We just put a new diaper on you!" and I couldn't stop laughing and handed him another diaper. I distinctly remember wrapping him in a blanket and cuddling him, and yes, even the sensation of a warm, baby-fresh scent (is this normal for a dream?!)

Then my mom came over and I surprised her with the baby and she totally lost it and started crying, but didn't really ask how the baby came about. All she wanted to do was hold him! Which I thought, after I woke up, was very funny. The other strange thing about the dream... because every dream has to be just a tiny bit weird... was that our house wasn't "our house" (the one we live in now), it instead was on a peninsula jetting out into the ocean. When I looked out the large bay window, I saw water closing in all around our home and starting to creep up over the roadway leading to the mainland. I started to get all anxious and anxiety set in, but Mom assured me we could still make it into town. Weird again.

I both hate and love these type of dreams... the ones that cause you to oversleep because you can't help but want to finish and, at the same time, they torture you because they are something you'd really rather your brain and heart not think about. Cruel joke? Maybe, but that's ok. Like I said it was quite bittersweet and something that, ultimately, I'm glad I had. As long as I don't get tortured with them on a regular basis, I don't mind. ;)

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Clare May 6, 2009 at 5:38 PM  

OOOH... baby dreams are yummy! I love it when I have one. But it is such a double edged sword - you feel great and loved up when you have one, but then it is so agonizingly painful when the realization sets in that it's not about to happen anytime soon in reality. Sigh.

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