Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's this? I started my period! :)

Most women, especially those trying to conceive, wouldn't be excited about this, but I definitely am. I started my cycle today - ON MY OWN!! This is huge for me. I think this is only my second cycle on my own since stopping birth control in April of 2008. During that particular cycle, it took me 67 days to start on my own, and I'm not even sure if I ovulated. It's hard to say though. I was still new to the whole charting thing (it was my first cycle ever charted when we started TTC), however, I certainly didn't write down any "symptoms" around the time that I would have ovulated, so that's why I'm so doubtful.

In my little corner of the world, this is very exciting! It's nice to see that my body WILL work, if nothing else just some of the time. Can you believe this makes for only my 2nd cycle where we've actually had the *chance* to have a baby (ie. I ovulated) in what will be almost a year of trying to conceive?!! Since I didn't know for sure I had at the time, it was the easiest 2ww ever! :-)

I'm excited, but I definitely realize that even when I DO ovulate, the likelihood of my remaining tube being able to function properly and pick up an eggie is pretty slim with all of the existing scar tissue that has formed due to my surgery years ago. Even still, I have HOPE!! For the next week, I will be reminded that I am indeed a woman - roooarrrr! :P And I will love every minute of it!!


For your viewing pleasure, here is my complete 93 day long cycle. Above is a snapshot of the very end, around ovulation . Our first cycle where we weren't actively trying, I guess you could say. That basically means, we weren't BDing every few days, I wasn't taking my basal body temps, doing any of those lousy OPKs or drugs or anything. In fact, you can see that in late December (when this cycle started), I stopped taking my metformin and, and yes I probably shouldn't have cut this one, but I also stopped taking my prenatal pills. Those things totally suck and I just needed a break.

The above chart snapshot indicates the days when I was having certain ovulation-like symptoms - starting with headaches off and on, very sensitive nipples and my ovary was sore, as in I when I barely pushed on my stomach it hurt, and then on Day 81 I just happened to check my cervix and it was open. Based on all of this, I *believe* I probably ovulated on either CD 81 or 82, but it could have been anywhere in the green outlined area I suppose. As you can see we did BD a several days prior to that, and one day right in that key time frame. Even though BD timing wasn't "perfect", it wasn't awful either. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5 maybe. Just good to note. It's always nice to test my body out and give it a chance to shape up on it's own, but I'm not holding my breath. I know God can work miracles, so I just continue to pray!!

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The Swann's March 27, 2009 at 8:38 PM  

YIPPEE for your period arriving, on it's own!!!! :-) I love how you pin pointed ovulation and everything! :-) So exciting!!!

BTW- I tagged you so head on over to my blog and find out your next steps. :-)

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