Monday, March 23, 2009

Infertility on primetime thanks to 24!!!

I'm probably WAYYY more excited about this than I should be. Tonight, on the Fox TV show 24 in a scene with the main man, Jack Bauer (aka hunk that saves the US single handedly every stinkin episode!), he's talking with a security gaurd who just got off the phone with his very pregnant wife. We're sure he's a goner (it never fails they always kill a new bit character who is in a vunerable situation like that), but as Jack is questioning why he got involved with the bad guys, he says something to the effect of "Don't take me the wrong way. I did it for my wife - for the money. They say that getting pregnant is natural, but after three long years and IVF treatments that insurance doesn't cover, it has cost us a lot of money. Now the idea paying for twins, well it is pretty overwhelming."

SERIOUSLY!! Can you believe this!! SCORE ONE FOR INFERTILITY! Ok, so a small step, but still - how awesome is that. I mean, in about three sentences he pretty much summed it all up... well most of the big stuff that a lot of the general population have a hard time understanding. What a great delievery technique :)

That pretty much made my night!! Thank you 24!

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