Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just as we thought - No Infertility Insurance Coverage

The cold hard facts are in. At least we know for certain now and can begin to come up with a plan.

I do, however, want to give a big thumbs up to Fertility Lifelines for helping me sort through it all. I called them on Friday and they got back to me the next business day (this week that happened to be a Tuesday, with the Labor Day holiday). Bonnie, the same benefits specialist I spoke with on Friday, called me personally and let me know the not so great news in a very kind and sensitive way. I was prepared for the news, so it wasn't tough to hear at this point. She let me know that she will be mailing me out a letter with these same findings, so I would have something for my records.

The next day I received a packet with a letter and a couple informational pieces on the Gonal-F injectables they manufacture. In a seperate mailing I also received general information about infertility and TTC that covers basic information and concerns that someone in this position might have. It didn't necessarily tell me anything I hadn't already heard, but it was still a good piece to scan. For those who haven't really looked into infertility yet, it might be pretty informative.

Go here to sign up and get a packet of your own.

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