Friday, September 19, 2008

On my last Clomid pill and hoping for ovulation!

As you can tell, my ultrasound went well and so far so good! I've not had any symptoms of being on Clomid (knock on wood) and feel quite fortunate. My ultrasound went well - again, revealing typical "string of pearl" ovaries - yes, you heard me right - ovaries, as in two! The most revealing part of that test is that she said I actually have part of the ovary that I thought was completely taken out. Of course, it had cysts on it as well, but it has to be good that it's there. If I'm lucky it still contains a few eggs, but I'm not holding my breathe I suppose.

Something else worth mentioning... I took a voice recorder to my appointment so that I could remember everything my doctor had to say and it worked like a charm! I figured no need to make a big deal of it so I left it in my purse and just reviewed it when I got home with my husband. It was nice because it's sorta the in between - he can still hear exactly what her feedback is, without taking time off work. I always had such a hard time remembering exactly what was said and in what order the doc mentioned things in, so this should work out nicely!

Here's what I got out of this appt:
  • Yes, I have lots of cysts, but nothing to large to give clomid a try for one round (at least)
  • My uterus measure an average size and shape
  • The doc wanted to start clomid on days 3-7, but Monday was day 4, so we're doing days 4-8
  • We were told to start having sex no later than day 9 and to NOT have sex each day, but rather every other day.
  • If nothing productive happens this cycle (ovulation or pregnancy), it seems as though my OB is recommending I go back on birth control for a month to see if the cysts will go away, before trying another cycle with the clomid; I'm not sure how hard I'll push for upping the dosage first before doing that. Maybe if I don't ovulate I'll be apt to go that route, but if I DO ovulate but don't get pregnant, I might see if we can try upping the dosage first.
In other news :) after talking with Meghan, a friend I've made connections with through St. Charles IES, she's reopened my eyes to actually trying to get at the root of my PCOS. She recently had a success story where she changed her diet to South Beach and is taking some alternative natural supplements (such as taking soy early on in the cycle, which mimics clomid) and no longer has cysts present, etc. Such great news! While I still want to keep up with the clomid and such, I am definitely curious and want to find out how and what I can incorporate into my diet to try and correct the underlying cause, rather than simply masking the symptoms. For more good stuff, check out her blog.

Also, I came across a few articles that are worth sharing - all of which tie back to the above... I hope to read them more in detail and write about it later when I have more time. In the meantime, here are the links:

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The Swann's September 23, 2008 at 10:32 AM  

Very interesting information you provided in those links! I had heard about progesterone therapy but not in the way it was written there.

BTW, yeah for no side effects of Clomid yet!!!! I'm having side effects of Soy right now... haha! See you Wednesday!

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