Thursday, February 12, 2009

To IVM or To IVF?

That is the question as of now. We still need to sit down and go over all the options. I recently called the IVM clinic in Chicago, IVF 1 - Dr. Randy Morris, to get a little more info. They started by putting me in touch with a nurse who asked if things like was I PCOS, did I have a healthy BMI, did I know what my antral follicle count was. I also asked if by having only one ovary that automatically made me a bad choice for IVM - she said no, that alone wouldn't disqualify me.

She recommended I make a consultation with Dr. Morris to ask questions and so that he can get a better idea of what diagnostic tests we'd still need to do to see if we are, in fact, good candidates. All signs so far point to yes, I'm assuming. That initial consultation is $236, so we're trying to make sure we really want to be serious about considering this option before going any further.

I called the clinic again - this time to see if they could first share costs with us so that we'd know if it would even be a viable option for us. They were more than willing to share and e-mailed me some information today. As of now, it looks like they only offer a single cycle option that is slightly higher than SHER - St. Louis. Plus, our current clinic offers multi-cycle price breaks which would yield us more than one try at more "cost-effective" (it's so totally not cost-effective, but for the purpose of this convo it is :P) rate. I can't help but think I might need more than one try vs. the average woman simply because I only have one ovary (and therefore would assume I would be at risk for producing less embryos). Anyhoo, I we still need to e-mail some additional questions and sort everything out. It's just nice to be able to consider something else that might be a little easier on my body. The idea of so many shots sort of makes me nauseous.

Will update when we know more!

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