Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Looks like I might ovulate after all :)

So, the newest series of events in the clomid round two saga is that the temperature rise (which made it look like it dipped) must have been a fluke due to my cold and I actually haven't ovulated, yet anyway. I had been going back and forth in my mind, really wishing and hoping it wasn't true and that I had ovulated, and figured it would be a good idea to just run my chart past my new doctor and see if she wanted to do a progesterone test. I did end up having it done and my results were that of an anovulatory cycle - 1.2.

But... Today is CD30 and I think I will ovulate any day now. I had my first positive OPK on Saturday and have had a positive every day since (3 days, not counting today, which I won't know until this afternoon). They say you could ovulate anywhere within 12-36 hours from either the beginning or end of your LH surge. So, again - we wait.

In the past week or so, I have continued to have side effects from the clomid. I had hot flashes about 4 or 5 days in a row, mostly in the evening. And then, the previous two days, I had been nauseous in the AM and in the PM. Yesterday I came home with a headache and sat down to eat supper, thinking that would get rid of it. As I was finishing my last bite, I was thinking "I feel like I'm going to barf if I eat this". I did some googling and it seems that some women experience nausea around ovulation time. Weird. Maybe it's not due to the clomid after all.

As with every cycle, you can't help but wonder what the next step will be if the current cycle doesn't bring a BFP. With this cycle, even though I haven't even met my new doctor, if we don't get pregnant, I believe she will want me to do at least a month of birth control to try and suppress the cysts that are present. I believe the idea is that we might be more successful if we can just get them to go away and try the clomid without all of that present. Someone did bring up the question - is there another TTC friendly way of doing that same thing, instead of doing BCP, where you have no chances of getting pregnant that cycle. Good point. It had crossed my mind once, but I forgot to look into it.... my initial thought was is there some regimen of hormones (customized based on your personal, current levels) that would get rid of them. I still need to google and ask my doctor about this, if we end up needing to go that route. If I do have to go with BCP, I wonder which particular one will be right for me in my circumstances (for example, one that is better about clearing your system so that we can TTC the next cycle).

I decided while I am writing this that I would look into the suppression alternatives now - why wait :) I came across a site that tates "The oral contraceptives suppress gonadotropins which support "functional cysts". So, if the idea is to suppress gonadotrophins, and that is the only way to get rid of cysts, then I don't think that it's possible to get pregnant. I think you need gonadotrophins to be released for the rest of the key hormones that encourage ovualtion to work. So, I'm betting that a BCP alternative is out of the question, but I will definately still ask. The worst that could happen is that I get a weird look from the doctor, and I'm used to that by now!

I also came across this, though, and now I'm wondering if BCP would even work. When asked if BCP or injectable progestins (DepoProvera) prevent the formation of ovarian cysts, Dr. Frederick R. Jelovsek replied "Oral contraceptives are known to block ovulation in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome as well as lower the circulating androgens which can cause excessive hair growth. They are also used as pretreatment to decrease cyst formation when giving LHRF for in vitro fertilization. Thus they can be used to lessen the risk of new ovarian cyst formation even though they will not suppress any currently existing cysts. Neither oral contraceptives nor injectable progestins totally suppress all follicle development but they do suppress large follicles in the range of 3.0cm." I'm so confused. I know you can't believe everything you read, on the internet especially, but I am very curious now.

Anyway, I need to stop and focus on the here and now. Please be praying that I ovulate soon!! :)

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