Thursday, March 26, 2009

IVF in '09... back in the running?

Just as we think we finally have a game plan, it would seem as though God may have something else in store. As you well know by now, we have done a lot of financial analysis in these past few months to get an idea of just what we could afford with regards to infertility. One minute we were just sure we were going to sell our home - the next we weren't. Then we decided to refi... ok we've actually stuck to that and have been making some progress.

Which brings me to my first newsworthy item. Our house appraised for about 13,000 more than we had even hoped it would. Which, in turn, means we have the option to put less money down as equity when we redo the financing. And, guess what that means. We now have more liquid cash in our possession to put towards IVF treatments. Actually, the amount that we now have "left-over" is just about the same amount that my husband kept getting stuck on. The figure that we would have been able to save by waiting several additional months, which is why we were going to wait until January.

By this point in my post I should have added at least 10 exclamation marks!!!! after each sentence, but I'll save them for another day. It's not that I'm not happy, it's just that I'm being cautious. Anyone going through this knows that the higher you climb in your emotions, the harder you fall. I will say that we have a bit more talking to do and will probably try and make an appt. with our RE to talk about why he's recommending the 2 cycle package, vs. the 3 cycle/outcome based one. At this point I'm not sure he'll tell us anything new, but it will be nice to get the three of us talking. Maybe just hearing it come directly from him is what we need to firm up a direction. I will say that last night, when we sat down for a short time after my girl's meeting, I, for the first time in a long time, heard excitement in his voice about this whole thing. I think that's probably what bothered me the most about when we talked and "decided" to wait a few weeks ago. His heart just seemed so far removed from it all. I half wonder if he was being that way just because he felt it's what he needed to do in order to make, what he felt, was the right, head-strong decision. In any case, I am glad that our "everything" is back into this. Now, let's just see where it takes us. Hope to have our IVF month determined in the next couple weeks. Will it be August or January... TBD!

St. Louis Infertility Support Group
And can I add that still, after all these months, I totally enjoy and look forward to my girl's meetings! Being able to get together with other women who are battling infertility to listen to and share stories with is very releasing. I can't thank them enough! If you're reading this and are from the St. Louis area, feel free to drop me a note. I'd love to share more information with you about the dates and time we meet - anyone TTC with infertility issues is welcome!

Infertility on daytime TV, and me?
On another weird, but exiting note, I got a call from the Tyra Show tonight! A couple weeks ago I sent in my infertility story after coming across an upcoming show they're going to do. I figured the odds of me actually getting called was slim-to-none, but it was worth a shot. The woman I spoke with said that she was going to pass my info on to producers to see if they could work me into the show. We'll see if it amounts to anything. You're probably thinking - why? Why would you send your info in like that? The very idea that I could possibly share my story with other women and have them walk away feeling more empowered is just awesome. Simple things like how your cycle works, what really goes into being fertile and the things to look for and ask of your doctor so that when she is telling you to "relax" you can know that you need to move onto a new doctor. Other things like being an example of how many women need ART treatments to simply be able to have the same pregnancy chances that "normal" women do. In this past year of trying, we've only really had two cycles where we could have even had a chance, simply because I rarely ovulate on my own. Also, most of us do not have infertility insurance and, as a result, this will have a huge long-range financial impact on our families despite how hard we've worked and will continue to work to provide and save for our family. I don't think that law makers really get that. So, we'll see where that leads me!

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The Swann's March 29, 2009 at 7:12 PM  

Oh how exciting!!!! I'm talking about the Tyra show here! :-) Oh do tell more when you learn more!!! To think that you could speak to a HUGE audience and possibly have some sort of impact on Infertility for the rest of us is amazing!!!! Oh, how exciting!!!

Everything else you said is neat too. :-) I'm very happy to hear that you are still enjoying the Infertility Support Group Meetings!

Cathy March 30, 2009 at 3:16 PM  

Thanks Meghan! I had a nice giggle about it. Still pretty sure it wouldn't work out, but it would be pretty neat if it did. I'll definitely keep you in the loop. Who knows, maybe they would let me bring a friend along - hint, hint ;)

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